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Baseline information about colorectal cancer in Puerto Rico

Statistics of colorectal cancer in Puerto Rico

Colorectal cancer occurs when the cancerous cells develop in the colon or the rectum. In Puerto Rico, colorectal cancer represents the second leading cause of cancer in men and women. In addition, colorectal cancer represents the second and third cause of death in women and men, respectively (Puerto Rico Central Cancer Registry (PRCCR), 2007). During the year 2003, colorectal cancer accounted for 14% of all diagnosed cancer cases. During the year 2004 this type of cancer represented 13% of all cancer deaths (PRCCR, 2008). According to the Puerto Rico Central Cancer Registry, during the period of 1999-2003, one in every 24 men, and one in every 25 women currently born in Puerto Rico will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer during their life.

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Colorectal cancer symptoms

Source: National Cancer Institute (2005)

Colorectal cancer risk factors

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Colorectal cancer screening tests

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