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Puerto Rico Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry on Facebook


The PR Gastroenterology Association and the Puerto Rico Central Cancer Registry are collaborators in the Puerto Rico Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry. Through their collaborations, patients with colorectal cancer are invited to participate in clinical research studies that help to understand the reasons why patients in Puerto Rico develop colorectal cancer. Furthermore, participation in clinical research may improve our ability to treat patients with hereditary colorectal cancer and their relatives.

American Cancer Society, Puerto Rico Chapter

Asociación Puertorriqueña de Gastroenterología

Cleveland Clinic Florida

Dartmouth Medical School

National Cancer Institute Colorectal Cancer Registries

Oncologic Hospital Dr. Isaac González Martínez

Puerto Rico Central Cancer Registry

Instituto de Gastroenterología de Puerto Rico, S.R.L.- Clínica Las Américas

Instituto Gastroenterológico del Este

MD Anderson Cancer Center - Molecular Pathology

University Hospital Medical Center (Hospital Universitario)

University of Southern California

Veterans Affairs Caribbean Healthcare System (Hospital de Veteranos)