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Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry

Our long-term objective is the implementation of a population-based familial colorectal cancer registry in Puerto Rico. The primary aim is to learn more about the factors that influence Puerto Rican people to develop CRC. We are looking for particular genes (hereditary factors) and other factors in the blood and tissues in order to gain knowledge of the way people inherit diseases. In addition, we are looking for lifestyle factors that may lead to changes in genes.

21 years of age or older
Colorectal cancer diagnosis

Contact Persons:
Marcia R. Cruz-Correa, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator
Phones: (787) 759-0306 x 221, (787) 772-8300 x 1119
Fax: (787) 522-3282

Yaritza Díaz-Algorri, BS, MS
Project Coordinator
Phones: (787) 759-0306 x 234, (787) 759-0306 x 221
Fax: (787) 522-3282