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A Circulating Ligand for Galectin-3 in the Serulm of Individuals with Colorectal Neoplasia

Study Purpose

The research study aims to compare the effectiveness of Galectin-3 in blood with the traditional test for occult blood in stools will "(FOBT), to detect pre-cancerous growths, polyps and colorectal cancers.

The effectiveness of the blood test (Galectin-3) is compared with the result obtained during screening colonoscopy.

Current Status:

Contact Persons:
Marcia R. Cruz-Correa, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator
Phones: (787) 759-0306 x 221, (787) 772-8300 x 1119
Fax: (787) 522-3282

Delma L. Acosta-Fernández, RN, BSN
Project Coordinator
Phones: (787) 620-8720 x 222, (787) 772-8300 x 1119
Fax: (787) 522-3282